My wish for you in 2020

2020 Well-Being.pngWELL-BEING is an inside job.

“Self-care,” if you will.

What areas of self-care do you excel in?  Which ones do you chose to work on or seek help with in 2020?


PHYSICAL – eating well, hydrating, moving, sleeping

Experiment with fitness classes, nutrition coaching, or going to bed an hour earlier


SOCIAL – nurturing relationships, finding your tribe

Make a standing weekly date with a loved one, ask a co-worker to coffee, join a volunteer organization


MENTAL – do work that interests you and expresses your strengths and gifts, learning new things

Take a course that interests you, complete a strengths assessment, work with a coach


SPIRITUAL – exploring your role in the bigger context of humanity and the greater good

Attend yoga classes, meditation, church service


EMOTIONAL – feeling, processing and reflecting upon the full range of emotional experiences, positive and negative

Talk to a counsellor, therapist or trusted confidant, create art that expresses your emotions, listen to music that resonates with you


PRACTICAL – financial fitness, clean & tidy surroundings

Write a budget, attend a financial literacy workshop, clean a closet, give something away you no longer use or enjoy


Of course, I wish you happiness in 2020 as well.

We can’t always be happy.  Circumstances, relationship interactions, health events, accidents, and natural disasters are part of our reality.  These things make us unhappy and that’s normal and important to acknowledge.  Even in the darkest days, we can continue to do the things that contribute to our well-being.  We can FLOURISH in many environments and circumstances.  


My wish for you – continue to invest in your well-being so that you can bring your own unique best to the people around you.  You are amazing.  Thank you for being you, and for the gift you are to this world.

May you be at peace with the past, grounded in the present, and hopeful for the future.


May you be well.




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