Shauna Hammer is dedicated to guiding professional men and women in uncovering potential, fueling performance, and experiencing success in the boardroom and the gym, while enjoying the journey along the way.

She is convinced that what we eat and how we move greatly contribute to our energy, mood, and ability not only to cope, but to thrive.  Her own physical, mental, emotional, and professional growth has spurred her to serve and support others who are on a quest for a happier life.  Shauna artfully applies the best science can give to the realities of demanding schedules, multiple priorities, and individual preferences and life experience.

Shauna believes all individuals are uniquely empowered, and by owning our birthright to share those strengths in our work, families, and communities, each of us can live a happier, fulfilling, flourishing life.

Are you satisfied with your career?  Do you ever feel like you’re missing something that would allow you to perform better or make the transition to the next step?

Do you have work-life harmony?  Do you ever feel like work gets the best you, while family and friends have to settle for a tired, grumpy version of yourself?

Are you happy being you?  Do you know your strengths and feel fulfilled and worthy of a great life?

Shauna provides one-on-one coaching services in the areas of leadership and well-being.

What can you expect from her as a coach?

EMPOWERMENT to discover your own wisdom and strengths as a leader

HELPING you create your own solutions to problems

UNCOVERING your unique potential

ACCOUNTABILITY support without judgement

Science-based tools and systems for motivating change and living a flourishing life.

Qualifications & Professional Background

Shauna Hammer is a Certified Leadership Coach, trained by Destination Leadership.  She brings over 25 years of work experience, including agriculture, petroleum, and co-operative sectors, supporting managers and boards in business administration and human resources. In addition, she is a member of the Fitness Lair coaching team, certified in powerlifting and nutrition.

To learn more about Leadership and Well-being Coaching with Shauna, please email growthmoves@sasktel.net


To inquire about Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching with Shauna, please visit the Contact Page of FITNESS LAIR in Unity, Saskatchewan.

Cover Photo: Dillon Jakovac