Shauna is known for studying deeply to draw out relevant and accurate details, and translating information into clear, concise language, spreadsheets, and frameworks that truly help the people she serves.  Shauna’s anthem is STEADFAST STRUCTURE AND SUPPORT.  Because she adds value in this way, her blog articles reflect her learning and experiences, offering encouragement and support to readers walking the path of wellness.

Shauna is convinced that what we eat and how we move greatly contribute to our energy, mood, and ability not only to cope, but to thrive.  Her own physical, mental, emotional, and professional growth has spurred her to serve and support others who are on a quest for better nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

Shauna is a Canadian Powerlifting Union Certified Coach.  Her coaching experience includes developing a powerlifting program from the ground up, as the head coach of Special Olympics Saskatchewan – Unity and District.

In a desire to employ the best methods and systems, in 2018, Shauna became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, as well as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach.  Armed with the best knowledge available, Shauna will show you the structure and systems proven to get results, while customizing them to support your individual circumstances and needs.


Are you are ready to transform your nutrition and fitness?

If you are scared to start, uncomfortable in the gym, or don’t know what the first step is, Shauna’s accepting, inclusive approach will make you feel welcome and supported.

Confused by conflicting knowledge, options, and latest fads in food and fitness?      Shauna will show you a calm, methodical, structured system, completely customized to your needs and lifestyle.

To inquire about Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching with Shauna, please visit the Contact Page of FITNESS LAIR in Unity, Saskatchewan.


Cover Photo: Dillon Jakovac